Friday, November 5, 2010

على فكرة

طول عمرى و أنا بسمع أن الحاجة اللى بتيجى سهلة دى بتروح سهلة برضه و أصلا بتبقى حاجة كده أى كلام و رخيصة.
على فكرة مش شرط ، ساعات الحاجة بتيجى سهلة لينا عشان بتبقى هدية من عند ربنا بس أحنا اللى بمنتهى الغباء بنضيعها مننا عشان مش بنفكر صح و متعودين أننا لازم يطلع عينينا عشان نوصل لاى حاجة حتى لو كانت الحاجة دى مش مستاهلة أصلا !
هى فى الاخر بتروح سهلة برضه بس عشان أحنا مش قدرناها كويس و مش عرفنا نحافظ عليها ، بس هنا العيب فينا أحنا مش فى الحاجة اللى جت سهلة لينا !!


  1. A simple economic rule, scarcity sets the price. But never sets the value. The most precious things in the world comes at no cost. Air, sunlight, sometimes water. All free yet your life depends on it. You only know that your life depends on them when you lose them.

    Value, was never the price.

  2. Shi ya Shi :)

    walahy leky wa7sha :). I totally agree with you. In this post I mean people too, not only things with prices.

    I mean sometimes Allah sends for us certain people to teach us something or to change our lives to a better one, but a lot of us don't appreciate this gift and take it for granted coz simply they didn't exert any effort to know those people, which ends up with losing them forever.

    I really like reading your comments, I just learn from it a lot :)). Thanks ya Shi for stopping by :)).


Thank you :)