Friday, April 15, 2011

Tomorrow ... :))

Tomorrow is another day, NEW day, DIFFERENT day, rises up with another sun shine, another hope and another dream comes true to those who never give up upon their GOALS, WISHES and their HAPPINESS as well :).

NEVER NEVER GIVE UP, ALWAYS TRY AGAIN AND NEVER LOSE HOPE. Every single day starts is just like a new baby born with a new world and a new leaf turned ...... Start your day with a genuine smile, who knows ? ....... May be what you were waiting for will come true today ... Now .... JUST SMILE W SEBOHA 3ALA Allah :)) ;).

Yah I missed writing very much ... It has been a while since last time I wrote my latest post :).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happiness ...

Happiness ..... What is happiness ? What does happiness mean ?
Well I tried to think many times about this question ...... I looked it up in the dictionary .... Happiness meant ( It is a state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy ...... Yet this is not the meaning I'm searching for ..
Is it the fancy car I have ever dreamed to have one day ..... Or maybe this handsome guy who truly loves me from the heart and willing to go for me to the extra mile...... Mmmm, it is traveling to the most wonderful spot on earth ...... No, no it is that moment when I achieved that accomplishment and made my dream comes true in my career path ..... Come on girl you feel extremly happy when you are with your friends ! No it is my feeling when I feel that important to others when I look them into the eye .......
You know what I tried all the above ....Yet none of them gave me the real meaning of happiness I'm trying to reach. Those things gave me happiness for just a few moments , while I'm seeking the ETERNITY one.
By the way our reasons of happiness can also be our reasons of misery like this fancy car can lead us in a sec to death, or maybe that handsome guy/ cute girl be the first one to leave us behind and become our nightmare till the rest of our lives !
Try to know why did Allah (SWT) create you ? What is your message in this life ? Are you moving in the right track ? Do you live bema yordy Allah or not ?
Try to link every way you move in it during your journey in life with Allah (SWT) to lead you to paradise at the end, draw your life line as a straight line starting with el hayat el donya and ending up with el jannah Inshaa Allah :).
May Allah show us all the right way and don't let us go astray and grant you all the happiness and joy you wish in your life Inshaa Allah ...... Amen :)).

Friday, November 5, 2010

على فكرة

طول عمرى و أنا بسمع أن الحاجة اللى بتيجى سهلة دى بتروح سهلة برضه و أصلا بتبقى حاجة كده أى كلام و رخيصة.
على فكرة مش شرط ، ساعات الحاجة بتيجى سهلة لينا عشان بتبقى هدية من عند ربنا بس أحنا اللى بمنتهى الغباء بنضيعها مننا عشان مش بنفكر صح و متعودين أننا لازم يطلع عينينا عشان نوصل لاى حاجة حتى لو كانت الحاجة دى مش مستاهلة أصلا !
هى فى الاخر بتروح سهلة برضه بس عشان أحنا مش قدرناها كويس و مش عرفنا نحافظ عليها ، بس هنا العيب فينا أحنا مش فى الحاجة اللى جت سهلة لينا !!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Love ....

He loves her, she loves another one while this one is in love with another girl. But this girl got engaged to a third guy, because she want to forget her ex-love. Her ex-love is in a relationship with another two girls to have fun, while each one of them think that she is his only love !

When we meet someone who truly loves us from the heart, we probably ignore his love believing in the idea ( HE/SHE IS NOT THE ONE). Yet when we meet that so-called one, life ends up that he is the ONLY ONE who has caused for us a FATAL hurt we cannot forget !

At the begining we go to the extra mile to make that person feel our love and hope he/she can love us back. Once we reached that goal, we start to change and take that love for granted until we break up and lose that love forever.

This person got hurt from another one, then he/she decides to hurt any one he/she meets afterward coz simply he/she won't trust anyone anymore, even if this person doesn't deserve that , and he/she is the only one who loved him/her deeply.

This is how love pattern goes now adays ! Most of the time people end up with spending the rest of their lives with people they don't love or even didn't wish too.

The question is should we still wait for LOVE or think more about acceptance and our families concept ( ahm 7aga el tafahom ) w aho kolo fel a25r msh fare2 ?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

نفحات إيمانية

عن أبى ذر رضى الله عنه قال : أمرنى خليلى بسبع :

أمرنى بحب المساكين و الدنو منهم

و أمرنى أن أنظر إلى من هو دونى و لا أنظر إلى من هو فوقى

و أمرنى أن أصل الرحم و إن أدبرت

و أمرنى أن لا أسأل أحدا شيئا

و أمرنى أن أقول بالحق و إن كان مرا

و أمرنى أن لا أخاف فى الله لومة لائم

و أمرنى أن أكثر من قول لا حول و لا قوة إلا بالله ، فإنهن من كنز تحت العرش

(حديث صحيح رواه أحمد و إبن حبان و صححه الالبانى و الارنؤوط )

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Wish ....

I wish I could turn back the time to the age of this little 7 years old naughty girl .......... That age when she was laughing out loud of the heart ........... When her greatest worry was how to convince her dad to let her play another couple of hours with her little friends ........... Her greatest anger when he refuses .......... Her greatest fear when she doesn't do her English homework ( writing Apple - book,..... Three times)..........Her greatest joy while watching Bogy & Tamam, Bo2loz or even playing Super Mario, yet never meeting the lost queen .......... Her free cherished spirit to do whatever pops-up to her mind without thinking............ Her belief that limits are not found ........... Her sharp & stubborn look to the future while she is riding her little Yellow bicycle and peddling so fast as if no body could ever win her even the air around ............. In fact I miss her smile of the heart, her innocent thoughts......... I miss playing, running,..... without thinking what people would say ?

Or may be I could turn it back to the age of 17 specially during studying in college .......... When we used not to attend our lectures and go out every now and then ......... When we used to wait for Winter to play under the rain ........... Or may be to the Valentine's Day to envy those couples while we are strenghtening our concept ( NO I WON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND) ...........When we have never felt sad, depressed,....... during those days coz simply our days were full of happiness and joy.

In fact I want to turn back the time and pause it at that age, when I didn't have anything to worry about specially what tomorrow will bring for you........... When I have nothing to fear of , or even to lose.......... To that time when you have all your beloved people without losing anyone..........When I couldn't undestand what ( cheat, betray, lie, stabbing your back,... mean ? .......... When I used to have many friends around and all of them are always there when you want to do anything coz simply there wasn't that word ( circumstances ) .......... IN FACT WHEN I WASN'T THAT ...... PERSON COZ SIMPLY THAT IS HOW LIFE GOES ?

Simply that is my wish ...... I Wish !

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lesson Of The Day !

Your HAPPINESS is your MISSION. If you didn't care about yourself, NO ONE else will care for you ..... !

In fact NOBODY cares for anything !