Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Love ....

He loves her, she loves another one while this one is in love with another girl. But this girl got engaged to a third guy, because she want to forget her ex-love. Her ex-love is in a relationship with another two girls to have fun, while each one of them think that she is his only love !

When we meet someone who truly loves us from the heart, we probably ignore his love believing in the idea ( HE/SHE IS NOT THE ONE). Yet when we meet that so-called one, life ends up that he is the ONLY ONE who has caused for us a FATAL hurt we cannot forget !

At the begining we go to the extra mile to make that person feel our love and hope he/she can love us back. Once we reached that goal, we start to change and take that love for granted until we break up and lose that love forever.

This person got hurt from another one, then he/she decides to hurt any one he/she meets afterward coz simply he/she won't trust anyone anymore, even if this person doesn't deserve that , and he/she is the only one who loved him/her deeply.

This is how love pattern goes now adays ! Most of the time people end up with spending the rest of their lives with people they don't love or even didn't wish too.

The question is should we still wait for LOVE or think more about acceptance and our families concept ( ahm 7aga el tafahom ) w aho kolo fel a25r msh fare2 ?


  1. your message recieved

  2. This sucks on so many levels.

    and law kolo mesh fare2 fel akher, yeb2a leah waga3 el 2alb mel awel :D

  3. True love doesn't exist these days , unless one is an angel loving others ,lol. Even in families , there is no real love .I guess it's what they say , devil is .


  4. @Anonymous: Which message do you mean ?

    @Ze2red: walahy ana ba2ol keda bardo ya Ze2red bas mafesh 7ad mesada2ny :D :D. walahy most of the time now fel a25r byb2a equal. Even love with our daily problems, rarely when it can survive. rabena yestor 3alena yabenty walahy :D.

    @Dina: I don't know whether both of us are pessimistic or this is how life goes now ? In fact I second you in true love doesn't exist these days that much, yet I don't agree with ( no real love) in families). dah dy el 7aga el 3edla el wa7eda ely lesa ba2ya ly 7ad delwa2ty :D el7a2o to enjoy it a2bl ma tetleghy hya kman :D.

    Thanks girls for passing by bgd :D

  5. That is life's tradedy :(

    Don't know what to say Noly. I can talk about the matter for days :D
    But to cut is short, there are people who you would love to hate and hate to love - but still love them when you should hate them!! [and vice versa].

    The thing I am sure about is that, it's hard to hate when you already love... and vice versa too!

    Love has no rules khaless :D

    Moi xx

  6. Love has no rules, howa keda blzabt ya Rouny :D.

    bosy enty gebty el mofed :). bgd I really like your wise comments :)). nawarteny ya a2mar :).

    Love you a2ddddddddddd kedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)).


Thank you :)