Friday, October 8, 2010

Lesson Of The Day !

Your HAPPINESS is your MISSION. If you didn't care about yourself, NO ONE else will care for you ..... !

In fact NOBODY cares for anything !


  1. well, good friends care about your happiness as well. but yeah, at the end of the day, it's your own journey ..

  2. balash el nazra elsoda dy yabnty er7ameny howa hena wfel sen :D. yala ya noha m3aya o2ly ( tamaly el sob7 badry aro7 el gym wagry :D.

    ektby 7aga tefar7 ela haraga3ek el sen tany ;)

  3. @Ibhog: Yeah I totally second you ya Ibhog, but the point is " sometimes it's you the one who have to do everything for yourself" sa3at msh byb2a feh gherak enta bas m3a nafsak :). Thanks a lot for passing by :).

    @Dina: ya Dodo yala m3aya tamaly el sob7 badry , aro7 el sen w atse7el henak :D :D. la2aaaaaaa argoky msh 3yza aro7 tany henak abdn tol el 3omr :D.


Thank you :)