Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'm Back :)

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaah it has been a long time since I have written my last post ( almost 16 months ago ). Bgd I missed blogging, following-up and commenting as well :). I'm not a good writer, yet I'm trying to record over here special moments and lessons that passed by me.

When I decided to create my first blog, it was just for the sake of trial which ended up by deleting it after passin' by certain circumstances. Taking the decision to re-create it again now is for the sake of other things which are much more valuable for me now......
I have learnt a lot of things , I have known marvelous people and were one of my reasons to come back again, ........
I'm glad that I'm back and hope to write valuable words that can add anything to you one day :).
P.S: Special thanks to ( Shimaa Gamal, Gjoe, Deppy, Rawanie and dear Brownie :)).
P.S.S : ha ba2a eh ra2yoko fel newlook bta3 el blog bta3y el geded :D


  1. alf 7amedellah 3ala el salama :)

    I am soooo happy you are back Noly :)

    and I love the new look :D

  2. Shiiii :)

    You are the first one as usual :), walahy I missed all that :).

    ya Shi Thanks a lot for everything :)). sa7e7 Allah yesalemek ya rafekt el darb :D.

  3. Welcome back dear...nawrti especially with the new look ;) love it ...yalla we wait for 1000 post to come =) inshaallah

  4. Welcome back noha. i'm happy to find you writing again.

  5. @ Brownie: Thanks ya Brownie a lot :), I'm glad that you liked the new look :D...... wait for it I have a lot in mind :D. Thanks a lot for passing by :).

    @ Haitham : Thanks Haitham :).

  6. Yaaaah... Finally :D

    Al-7amdulellah 3al-Salama lovely Noly ... I am so happy you are back and really love everything here, your writings, colours and the whole atmosphere ...

    ... and I wish to see you always happy and shiny with your beautiful smile :)


  7. ya Rawanie :)

    Thanks a lot my sweet friend :) :*. walahy rabena ye5aleky lena ya ghalya :D. bgd I'm really happy coz you liked here :).

    w ya rab dayman ashofek far7ana w your spirit is always high keda :) :*** Thanks a lot for your fruitful visit :).


Thank you :)